Thomas Triesschijn
Thomas Triesschijn

CD Trailer Thomascantors in Dialogue

Thomas plays the F major recorder concerto by Fasch with his ensemble The Counterpoints.

Sammartini live in Singapore

Thomas plays the famous recorder concerto in F major during his tour through Southeast-Asia in the Summer of 2019 with Red Dot Baroque.

CD-trailer La Querelleuse

Get a look behind the scenes during the recording of the new cd La Querelleuse of Thomas’ ensemble
The Counterpoints.

From La Querelleuse

G. Ph. Telemann – Cantata ‘Die Zufriedenheit’ TWV 20:29: Aria Fraget nicht, vergnügte Freunde

G. Ph. Telemann – Concerto à 4, TWV 43:a3: Adagio

G. Ph. Telemann – Fantasia no. 11, TWV 40:12

The Counterpoints live at Festival Jong Klassiek

Watch Thomas perform a Dutch song from the 17th century at Festival Jong Klassiek Schiermonnikoog in March 2019 with his ensemble The Counterpoints.

The Counterpoints play Händel

Thomas plays Händel with his ensemble The Counterpoints.